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This is a space I've carved out for myself and those with similar interests. I'm creating a repository of my work, ideas and knowledge to share with the world in the hopes it will help someone else do some good in the world.

Books I'm currently reading

Books to open your mind, heart and hand to creating positive change in the world.

How to Eat

Nigella Lawson

Nigella is one of my favourite people on earth. I watch her shows just to relax and I fantasize about swanning around the kitchen like her. I read about this book while I was pregnant last year, and I heard it was written to feel as if Nigella was in the kitchen with you. A woman like me that had been suffering post natal depression was reading it in bed and finding comfort and strength from it. So I desperately wanted this book too. I bought it a few months after having my son, and when I read it one the couch all snuggled up I feel like I'm having a yarn with Nigella and shes helping me to reconnect to the heart of food and the joy of cooking.

Montessori from the Start

Paula Pork Lillard and Lynn Lillard Jessen

I'm currently reading this book, so far I'm really enjoying it. As a first time parent, I'm coming into this situation hot, with zero real knowledge or understanding of who and what kids are. This book provides me a foundational framework to understand how to meet my childs needs in a holistic manner- intellectual to spiritual (not in the sense of religion).

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