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Inner World Outer World

Workshop, experiment and exhibition

Art is the reflection of the collective unconscious, it peels away and subtly reveals what’s inside the hearts and minds of the people. In today's world, there are many stories of disconnection and the resulting effects- depression, anxiety and a plethora of mental illnesses. These things would normally be healed by the support of a deeply woven community. Where in the world are we now? What does art say about us?
I want to draw the subconscious out and create a space for healing and exploration by transcending the mind and allowing the unconscious to take control.
I suggest a series of workshops that invite participants to create art to allow their inner world to emerge into the outer world, giving them a chance to reconnect with themselves first, and holding up a mirror to their heart. As each participant comes and pours their heart into a piece of unscripted art, they will create a microcosm of their soul, and as we build up these artifacts, in the end, we will have a collective representation of the inside world. Once we’ve reconnected with ourselves, we can reconnect with the world.

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enkel Art collective

Using art to learn how to be a change maker.

I want to use artistic mediums to help unlock individual and collective creativity and courage in order to transcend the current "level of human-ness". I'm interested in hosting multi-generational groups, especially for young kids because they are the change makers for the future.