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Courage Courage Courage

So writing things people might read (especially people I know), is kinda stressful. Actually as I sit here typing, I get more stressed when I write how stressful I think it is. Ack!

I'm working on a post at the moment about what I learnt from starting and ending a change making consulting company. There are so many learnings it could be a whole rambling book. I'm trying to distill the meaningful parts at the moment.

One thing I wanted to shared under the banner of courage is that art is a really good way of unconsciously tilling the soil for courage to grow. This is something I've been playing with in my mind for the last year or so, "How can art be used to grow courage in individuals?"

This year I'm planning on using art as a way to heal my collective after we've had a trying 2019. A lot of trust was eroded and I feel our values have washed away; I think it all starts with being vulnerable and indescribably authentic.

For me, growing my courage starts with maintaining this website and posting genuine thoughts and ideas here, open for all it criticize! Ack!

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