• Stephanie Yoong

The New Year and setting intentions for this website

I'm a habitual website builder, I've probably built about 10 websites in the last year or so but never launched or finished a single one. So as part of getting my act together and sending my ideas out into the world I'm going to actually finish and launch this website- and hopefully maintain it.

The purpose of this website is to create a space on the internet where I can store all the things I learn, ideas, reflections, thoughts about things I've read, useful podcasts and helpful practices. It's also a place to record the work I create and send out into the world, in the hopes of making it a better place. I've made peace with the fact there isn't one big thing I can do to change the world, like some amazing magic bullet start up. But its by the small things, and sharing these things within my circle of influence in the hope that it gets passed on.

I sincerely hope you, dear visitor find something useful here for your journey.

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